U2 - Vertigo Tour 11/8
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Shot from inside the ellipse (7 o'clock position near the catwalk!) by Pearl, or 219's (side view) by Annie and Sophia.

After the amazing experience that was Vegas 2, nothing else had a chance to compare.

Oakland 1 was damned good, but the larger size of the venue alone-- equivalent seating but a much larger floor area and hence distance to the stage-- meant that it would have to work hard to compare.

Before the show was marred by some interesting screw-ups that will be told later.

The show was still amazing... it just lacked the personal touches that marked Vegas 2, and we were scattered in pairs all over the arena, mostly on the upper level. Dancing around in pairs just doesn't have the same energy as a larger group, particuarly when you're crammed in the upper deck and can't really move much, and can't see the graphics and the bright lights as clearly. Pearl and Jer scored their entry into the Ellipse at long last, though!!!

The Miracle Drug opening felt a bit more touching this time around, and Sometimes You Can't Make It On Your Own continues to be much better live than on the album. Hearing One Tree Hill was very unexpected, and Yaweh was a pleasant surprise for the second encore.

The feel was much closer to first leg shows at Oakland 2. The graphics were better and U2 really has things going smoothly, but the lack of special surprises made it feel much more conventional. Zoo Station sounded better in Vegas-- having heard it three (?) times now on Vertigo, I'm happy to hear it every time, regardless! With Or without You had nice touches in the "wooooooo wooooooo" being nice and drawn out from Bono.

I think we were just a bit overwhelmed. Too much U2 in too short a time, plus we had a much better view from our seats in Vegas...

Pearl and Jer emerged from the ellipse, Pearl's pigtails completely dishelved. They had tons of fun! =D

Who went... Majed, Rashad, and friends-- although we never did meet up with them. Pearl and Jer had their fan club floor tickets that got them inside the Ellipse! Annie and Sophia were two sections over from us, closer to the stage. Erik made it late (missed the first three songs), but he actually made it! Amy wasn't persauded by Sophia and I to come, so after Pearl got off work we pulled the heavy artillery (Pearl's insanity) and she convinced Amy to come. =D Yoshi finished up at clinic and made it, too! I don't think the conversion to complete U2-obsession happened to Amy or Yoshi like it did to Annie three nights ago in Vegas, but they had fun, and that's what matters. Woohoo!!

And somehow, Erik's life is spared...

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