Owl City at Club Nokia, 21 July 2011:
(c) Brian J. Won www.brian1.net

Note: audio levels are still uneven, evidently the Panasonic LX5 can only handle audio volume up to a certain level, then it arbitrarily adjusts gain down a step. Still need to figure out how to adjust for this when transcoding.

  1. (opening act) Mat Kearney
  2. The Real World (full)
  3. Cave In (full)
  4. Hello Seattle
  5. Angels
  6. Swimming in Miami
  7. Umbrella Beach
  8. I'll Meet You There
  9. Plant Life
  10. Meteor Shower (instrumental) (?)
  11. The Bird and The Worm (full)
  12. Lonely Lullaby (full)
  13. Fireflies (full)
  14. Dreams Don't Turn To Dust
  15. Kamikaze
  16. Meteor Shower
  17. Galaxies
  18. Vanilla Twilight (full)
  19. Alligator Sky (ft. Shawn Christopher on video)
  20. Deer In the Headlights (full)
  21. Yacht Club
  22. How I Became the Sea
  23. If My Heart Was A House