Stillen Open House 2002
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Stillen Open House was held May 4th, 2002 at Stillen, located in Costa Mesa.

They blocked off the entire block in front of Stillen's two buildings to handle all the cars, and even then cars ended up parked across the street. Inside was basically a display of everything Stillen does or did, from Steve Millen's 300ZX race cars to their current series of cars and trucks., SoCal-SERCA, Nissan Performance Magazine,, and other enthusiast groups were there as well, including a handful of Toyota Supras and Toyota Camrys... plus the flock of'ers as well.

Nothing particularly groundbreaking or innovative was there. Stillen's sale of used parts was actually pretty good, the SMZ race car was sweet... and the display of Skylines (one very clean R33 and one R34), a WRX, HKS's turbo Civic, plus Stillen's stable of project cars was quite nice... although I didn't see any drool-worthy project cars from Stillen this year... (Mike Kojima's Sport Compact Car Project 300ZX, OTOH... brings a smile every time I see it!)

Car count: alot- 200+. A whole fleet of Z's and Maximas... a good sized number of Toyotas (Supras and Camrys, mostly), a handful of Sentras (only one B15 SE-R Spec V?), the occasional Audi or Mazda or GM V8 product... and a bunch of others.

Interesting highlight of the day: blow-off valves. Start up a supercharged Maxima or two and play with the throttle... people come like moths to a light! And for once, the Maximas were worth the attention. =) Cheston's at 270fwhp, Y2kevSE is close to 300fwhp, and I don't know what BrianV, Victor, or Chunger is at... but geez, there were a lot of supercharged Maximas there! The only ridiculous part (aside from people modifying Maximas) was the amount of boost some of these supercharged guys were running. 3.46 pulley? Too big. Try 3.25 (9.5psi?)... or 3.125... or 3.00 ... or 2.87 (12.5psi!!!!!!)... *eek*'ers: if you want your name associated with your car, please e-mail me, as unlike Mr. Nismo I don't remember ANY of your names!

It was fun, but that was about it. On the other hand, that was about all we were there for!

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6 May 2002 update: One more Skyline GT-R R34 pic

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